[Users] running simfactory on cluster

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Wed Feb 3 21:07:29 CST 2021


Could I please get some help getting simfactory to run on a cluster?

If I do sim setup, it will create a machine.ini with only one node.
The problem is that a cluster has many nodes, and each node has a different name and sim will refuse to run on a node with a different name.

The instructions read:
"It is likely that you will have to further customize this file"

The instructions also let me know that:
"the setup command will also create a new machine definition for the local machine in simfactory/mdb/machines.  You may also have to add extra information to this file."

I understand that I need to make a , or to modify a current one, where I can specify the number of nodes. How do I do that?
I was instructed to use stampede2-knl.ini and try to modify it, but it looks intimidating and I am not sure how to do that. Shall I ask for help from the cluster manager so that I don't get the specifications wrong?
Do I need to manually buid a *cfg, *sub and *run as well?

Lastly, I once this is accomplished, how do I launch simfactory tto make sure it can engage more than a node in the run?

Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics
College of Science, Marshall University,
1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV, 25755
Room S 257, Phone: (304)696-2754

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