[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-02-11

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Feb 11 10:43:33 CST 2021

Present: Bill G, Peter D, Ken S, Miguel G, Miguel Z, Yosef Z, Zach E,
Karim S, Atul K, Steve B, Roland H, Maria BH

Chair: Roland,  Minutes: Bill

* Any other business or questions?  None.  [See below at the end
of the meeting.]

* SPEC benchmark contribution
[https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470 task] [RH, SB]

Roland, Steve and Roland are working on.  CCZ4 code will be submitted,
okay with Spec who want different characteristics than last time. This is
8th order finite difference.  Had to set it up with a plain make 
source file and Cactus bindings.  Done soon-ish.  Stripped down version of
ETK repo cannot be generally shared, Steve and Roland have it. Someone
added OpenACC versions of the kernels, so some work has been done.
Steve, why we want a benchmark that does not compute zero---the OpenACC
benchmark was very, very fast and result was zero.  Should be a result that
can be checked. OB, none

* release planning [RH]


Zach, Next release is late May, tentatively.

Need test runners for the testsuites on supported machines. Roland ran
them with scripting on Simfactory last time(s).  Originally we farmed out
the testsuites to people to test a couple of machines, on the clusters they
are familiar with (from when Frank L was managing things). Clusters are
becoming more difficult to login, two-factor etc, so maybe needs more
individual attention.  No action taken.

Gallery examples volunteers:

Steve, Binary Black Hole GW150914.  Did not finish with Visit, other plots,
some surface plot problem.  Roland, bug in quasi-local measures
(fixed 2-3 weeks ago) keeping the VTK files from being made.  Use with
Gabriele's new Kuibit package, instead of Visit:
https://sbozzolo.github.io/kuibit/  Need to set OutVTK to not be zero.

Miguel G, Poisson Equation

Bill G, Multi-Patch Scalar Wave Equation

Peter D, Single, stable (TOV) neutron star

Atul K, Binary Neutron Star

Zach, Possible new thorns from his group, MaxwellVacuum and
MaxwellVacuumID (initial data).

Also POWER Maria will review.  Roland, has to clean up his version and
move it to the Master branch and it will be ready for review.

Steve, SimFactory Python 3 (upgrade).  Roland's survey about needs/wants
in SimFactory, ~20-30 responses.  Will try to trim down the SimFactory
functionality and that will play into compatibility with Python 3.  Would
like to build a SimFactory testsuite also.  SimFactory in Jenkins
( https://www.jenkins.io/ ) is not tested---setup-silent build is 
tested, as is
submit --testsuite option.  Also the Python 3, "set language" problem, or
locale problem, utf-8 and ascii, may or may not be a problem (big
discussion between Roland and Steve).

Updates to CondaPrim, SelfForce1D, and Canuda.  Roland, really every
change needs review, but for large changes we do the formal review.

CondaPrim was from U of Arizona, and IllinoisGRMHD and we have not
heard from them recently, so not likely to be ready.

Canuda, Miguel Z, adds scalar field thorn, so more than an update, an
actual new thorn.  Helvi was responsible for it.  Miguel, thorn is ready 
I have been using it for years.  We have internal cross-checked the thorn,
believe it is stable, but has not gone through review process for ETK.
Helvi is responsible for that.  Roland, thought she might be late 
request because January was very busy.  Miguel Z will ask her about the 

Selfforce1D, Peter D, new implementation of equations for gravitational
perturbation.  So probably major, and will need a review.  Might be ready
by March 1st.

Zach, deadline for officially proposing new items is March 1st. Want
reviewers for the above.

* ET-US 2021 workshop planning [RH]

Need to get started on it, Roland wanted it at UIUC while hosting the 
Relativity Meeting.  With Covid, likely still virtual, so it could be 
anywhere for
the host.  Want people involved to organize the workshop.  People from
last committee, setup program, and school schedule.  Question, both
school and workshop?  Seemed to be a consensus for that  If virtual,
maybe 1/2 day program and twice as long, two weeks long, one week for
school and other for worksh itop.  When?  Maybe after Mid-West Relativity
meeting...usually in the Fall---last year's was in October. Roland will 
on LIGO meetings, etc, and put out a survey for which weeks are good.
Some thoughts that summer would be good too.

Also ideas for Program Items please mention them here and mailing list.

https://sites.google.com/nd.edu/mwrm-2020/  was 22 October 2020 at
Notre Dame.

* [https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered 
question on mailing list] /

Script for Unanswered is a bit problematic, so not all are real. The 
real is
"CarpetMask and SphericalSurface (Gabriele Bozzola)" .  Steve will take a
look and respond.

open tickets sorted by update time] /

tickets ready for review]

#2386 CCTK_LOOP3_INT and friends broken..., Miguel Z will have a look at
the bug fix and pull request.  He says fix works for him.

* Any other business?

Steve, Funded proposal had a scientific gateway ifor the ETK, could be
for teaching purposes, could be other.  Web portal?  Chat bot? Steve
wants to know what would we find useful for teaching or other. Bring
up next week.

* Chairs and Minute takers

Feb 18th Chair Peter D, Minutes Maria BH
Feb 25th Chair Steve B, Minutes Atul K

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Nashville, TN USA
(o) 615-343-2713

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