[Users] Science Gateway for the ET

Steven Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Feb 11 11:07:11 CST 2021

In our recent proposal, we wrote:

<quote>In the future, we plan to add a portal or ``Science Gateway'' to 
our online teaching tools. This will allow students to become familiar 
with what the Toolkit does and how to use it before understanding how to 
build and develop it. It will also allow researchers who are not 
interested in the mechanics of computational science to make use of the 
toolkit. The use of Science Gateways on XSEDE resources is on the rise, 
increasing by a factor of five during the years 
2011-2017~\cite{simakov2018workload}, which indicates this to be an 
important trend in computational research.</quote>

I am looking for suggestions about how to make this idea more concrete. 
In principle, we could have a machine setup with a pre-compiled ETK and 
a gui to edit select fields of a set of well-chosen parfiles. Does this 
sound like a reasonable approach?

Long term, I had a dream to have a system where students could construct 
thorns for simple PDE from equations using infrastructure like what Zach 
et. al. are building now.


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